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Excellence Font Family

Weights & Styles

To embed your selected fonts into a webpage, copy this code into the head of your HTML document.

<link href="https://fonts.cdnfonts.com/css/excellence" rel="stylesheet">
                            @import url('https://fonts.cdnfonts.com/css/excellence');
Specify in CSS

Use the following CSS rules to specify these families

                                                                    font-family: 'Excellence', sans-serif;

Weights & Styles (2)

  • Excellence 400

  • Excellence 300

About Excellence Font Family

Excellence font family designed by Unknown Designer has a total of 2 different styles. You can download the Excellence font to your computer or use it on your website. Please research the license information before using it.

Character map

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2 Styles

Phorfeit (BRK)

1 Styles


1 Styles


1 Styles


1 Styles

Black Quote

1 Styles

Trek Arrowcaps

1 Styles


1 Styles