Alexis Faudot, Rafael Ribas

Soufflet Vert

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Soufflet Vert Font Family

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  • Soufflet Vert 400

About Soufflet Vert Font Family

  • Available for Commercial Use
  • Alexis Faudot, Rafael Ribas
  • ANRT

  • Description

    Soufflet Vert 106R, Hybrid first used in Paris by the Au Soufflet Vert workshop for Guido de Monte Rochen’s Manipulus curatorum, 1476 and used until 1480.Type design workshop at ISBA Besançon and Bibliothèque d’étude et de conservation de Besançon, May 2018.Source: Manipulus curatorum, Guido de Monte Rochen, 1476.Workshop participants: Lise Anaclet, Donovan Bessard, Chenghao Bian, Guillaume Deschamps, Mallaury Genet, Émilie Goujaud, Eva Güzel, Anouk Jeanningros, Marie Lavisse, Kevin Lebourdais, Nicolas Lugant, Maxime Martins, Ilana Maublanc, Marion Micigolski, Loïs Renou, Jordan Simonetto, Sébastien Strange-Cilia, Rafael Ribas, Alexis Faudot.Font designed and produced by Alexis Faudot and Rafael Ribas, directed by Jérôme Knebusch, Atelier National de Recherche Typographqiue (ANRT), Nancy.Copyright (c) 2019 ANRT. All rights reserved.For more information and to contribute to the project, pleast visit (

    Soufflet Vert font family designed by Alexis Faudot, Rafael Ribas has a total of 1 different styles. You can download the Soufflet Vert font to your computer or use it on your website. Please research the license information before using it.
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    Soufflet Vert

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