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<link href="https://fonts.cdnfonts.com/css/bazoka" rel="stylesheet">
                            @import url('https://fonts.cdnfonts.com/css/bazoka');
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  • Free for personal use
  • JunCreative (Muhamad Junaid)
  • www.juncreative.net

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    By installing or using this font, you agree to the following Product Usage Agreement: - This font is only partially free for PERSONAL USE! - To purchase a commercial license, please visit: https://juncreative.net/downloads/bazoka-font/ - For custom licensing inquiries, please contact us at [email protected] - Any donations are greatly appreciated. You can donate via our Paypal account: https://paypal.me/MuhJunaidFollow - Follow us on Instagram for updates: https://www.instagram.com/juncreative.font/


    For users in INDONESIA: By installing this font, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of font usage below: - This demo font is strictly for "Personal Use" only or non-commercial purposes. This means it should not generate profit or benefit from utilizing our font, whether for individual use, Graphic Design Agencies, Printing, Distro, or Companies/Corporations. More... - Please purchase a commercial license through this link: https://juncreative.net/downloads/bazoka-font/- Users with only a "Personal Use" license are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from using this font for any commercial purposes, such as Advertising, Promotion, TV, Film, Video, Motion Graphics, YouTube, Distro shirt design, or for Product Packaging (Physical or Digital) or any media with the intention of making profit. - For usage in a Company/Corporation setting, please obtain a Corporate License. - Using this font with a "Personal Use" license for any form of commercial purposes WITHOUT PERMISSION from us will incur a CORPORATE LICENSE fee. For information on the necessary License or for any inquiries, please contact us at: [email protected]

    JunCreative (Muhamad Junaid) tarafından tasarlanan Bazoka font ailesinin toplam 1 farklı stili var. Bazoka yazı tipini bilgisayarınıza indirebilir veya web sitenizde kullanabilirsiniz. Lütfen kullanmadan önce lisans bilgilerini araştırın.
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